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What We Believe In

Letoza believes in bringing a change to the industry as a whole. We want to overcome the challenge of experiencing the endless range of textures and colours, spacing from delicate and neutral shades to the most bold and vibrant ones. These features, together with a never-ending effort to bring out the best in ceramic material, are the origin of the our concept, which — beyond any evolution and interpretation — has developed a strong, recognisable identity, also thanks to the essential high quality of the product: innovative yet perfectly balanced and inviting, a product to reach out and touch.

Building Materials Excavated From The Most Traditional Quarries

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Our Range

of Surfaces


Letoza offers surfaces in multiple varieties of glossy, high gloss, matt, baby satin, and carving. All of these are a balance between traditional and contemporary and a kind of subtle plus sparkling nuance to your space.


These surfaces are an ideal option for every space because they are equipped with enough beauty to satisfy every stylistic demand.

Living room with decorative glass wall